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Teaching Biography

Paul Stocker (California, 1952) has a long and varied career teaching music in Europe. From 1983-1986 he was the saxophone professor at the Sweelinck Conservatory of Amsterdam (Holland). From 1988-89 he returned to the Sweelinck as composer in residence, invited to give ensemble lessons based on his own compositions.

From 1990 till 2001 he gave small group saxophone lessons at the CREA, the cultural department of the University of Amsterdam.

At the same time he was very active giving courses and seminaries all over Holland and other parts of Europe. Some of the more important projects for large, mixed ensembles include:

1983 Saxophone workshop, Madrid, with final presentation the the Clamores Jazz Club

1984 Instant composition course, Gratz Conservatory (Austria)

1987 Big Band seminary, Bergen op Zoom (NL)

1991/2 director Brabants Leerorkest,(student ensemble), Tilburg (NL)

1992/3 Jazz course for advanced students, Stichting Jazz Power, Eindhoven (NL)

1993/4 Be-bop course, Cultural Centre 0-42, Nijmegen (NL)

1994/5 guest director of the Jazz Power Big Band, Eindhoven (NL)

1995-2000 musical director of the S.I.L. Leerorkest, (student ensemble), Leeuwaarden (NL)

1999/2000 guest director of the Rotterdam Jazz Project with the project “Sur”: non western musics as a point of departure for improvisation. Rotterdam (NL)

2002/1 guest director of the U-Tribe for a project of non western musics, Utrecht (NL)

He has given many courses for the SWING, the Dutch organization for the teaching of improvised music in Holland. These include ´Big Band´, ´One World´, ´Mediterranée´ and ´South Africa´.

2002 - Paul Stocker has taught master classes in composition and arrangement at the music school of Peñaranda (Salamanca); courses on improvisation strategies at the University of Extremadura (Cáceres)with presentations on the prestigious Womad Festival; classes in saxophone and creative music workshop at the School of Modern Music and Dance in La Zubia (Granada), where he was artistic director from 2002-8; intensive courses in modern music during the International Jazz Festival of Granada; master class in saxophone at the Jazz Festival of the University of Sevilla(2008); intensive Big Band course at the Conservatory of Cáceres. From 2002- 2012 he taught instrumental classes – everything from woodwinds, brass and reeds to strings, voice, piano and accordeon – and improvisational techniques and combos in various towns in and around Granada. In 2007 he directed and played in a series of 30 didactic concerts for children in primary schools all over Andalucía. He presently teaches a creative music course at the Aula de Músicas in Madrid, and gives school concerts in and around Madrid.

Paul Stocker posseses a profound knowledge of the folk musics of his land of birth, the United States: Jazz and Blues. But his long and frequent collaborations with colleagues from other countries and cultures have given him a unique insight into the traditions of other musics such as South African Kwela, Brazilian Chorinho, Fado, Greek Rebetica and Flamenco. He uses this information to maximum advantage in his courses to give a personal and at the same time broad and varied vision of the musical possibilities available to the musician in todays´ world. Though technique and theory are an unmissable part of his courses, the dominant note is one of laughter and the sharing of good music.